Eastoke beach is a steep shingle, groyned beach, popular with holiday makers for it’s location next to the camps and local shops. It also has access to the start of the promenade. The promenade runs the length of the seafront from here right down to Sandy Point.

Eastoke corner is popular during spring and autumn with the anglers, as it is reported to be a good spot from which to fish.

Due to it’s high car park, with respect to the beach, good views are easily gained of the beach and sea. When the seas are a bit rough, or it’s a wet weekend, this car park is usually full of people eating fish’n’chips on their laps in their cars.

Eastoke Corner Location

Eastoke Corner far east of Beachlands.

Eastoke Corner Facilities

  • Adventure playground
  • Adizone outdoor gym
  • Shops, amusements and food outlets
  • Car park
  • Public toilets
  • Station for the light railway

Eastoke Corner Hayling Island