Hampshire Alert is a free web based system which the public can sign up to and allows them to choose what information they want to receive and what format they want to receive it in – email, text or phone message – so the ‘alert’ is personal to them. It’s free to join and receive messages so it’s a really good way to keep people informed.
People can sign up via the website, via their neighbourhood teams or via a portable kiosk that can be taken to events. People don’t need to have access to the internet as details can be added manually.

Hampshire Alert is also linked to the Neighbourhood Watch network so anyone in a scheme can also access information about their specific Watch and neighbourhood teams can communicate directly with the database of members.

To sign up, simply visit the site and click on register. www.hampshirealert.co.uk

This takes no more than 2 minutes to sign up. When you choose which agencies you wish to hear from you will then be sent a verification email for added security. When you have verified this email you will then start to receive information messages.

Your information will not be passed to any other companies.

This is a simple, informative, way of communicating with the public and information sharing. The information you receive is about what is happening in your area. These are things that do not appear in the local paper. You are able to reply to any offices messages. However you are not able to report crime via this system.

On Hayling Island we now have 730 members using, and engaging, with the system and finding it very informative. They are surprised to learn what is actually happening.
If you interested please join up today. If you have any further questions please email (For Hayling Island) simon.smith@hampshire.pnn.police.uk.
Thank you.