Domestic Rubbish & Recycling CollectionsRefuse and recycling collections from domestic premises are made by Havant Borough Council. The council provide green (recycling) and grey (waste) wheelie bins for this purpose.

Refuse and recycling collections from domestic premises are made by Havant Borough Council. The council provide green (recycling) and grey (waste) wheelie bins for this purpose.

Collection of each are every two weeks, alternating between waste collection one week and recycling collection the next.

A separate garden waste collection service (green bags or brown bins) is offered at an extra cost.

Which week and which day each collection happens changes from street to street. If you are unsure when your collections are we advise either asking a neighbour or watching to the appearance of bins at the roadside.

If your bins become lost or damaged HBC will provide replacements at a cost.

Business Waste

The Council does not offer waste or recycling collections from commercial premises, even on a paid for basis. There are a number of private companies offering business and trade waste collections on the Island.

Grey Bins – Domestic Waste

The grey bin is for general household waste. The lid must be closed and the bin placed at the roadside boundary of your property by 7am on the morning of collection otherwise collection may be refused. Likewise, excess rubbish left on top of the bins or alongside them will not be collected.

Large families may be eligible for an additional bin on application, but otherwise domestic waste is limited to the capacity of the standard 240 litre wheeled bin every two weeks. This is approximate 4-5 sacks every fortnight.

Green Bins – Recycling

It is worth noting that not all recyclable items can be included in the green bins for collection. The Havant Borough Council recycling scheme is limited just to the following types of waste:

  • Plastic bottles
    Lids should be removed and bottles rinsed.
  • Paper / Cardboard
    All paper and cardboard other than gift wrap, cardboard drinks cartons and shredded paper
  • Cans and Tins
    Including aerosols. All lids should be removed and cans and tins rinsed

Household Waste Recycling Centre (“The Tip”)

The old “tip” is now a “Household waste recycling centre” where you can drop off unwanted items that are not appropriate for household collection. The HWRC, located at the end of Fishery Lane will accept most items other than: Hazardous waste, Large amounts of plasterboard, cement bonded asbestos and trade waste.

There are also restrictions in place on the quantity of animal waste, pain and soil/rubble that is accepted.

If you drive any vehicle that looks like a commercial vehicle you may be refused entry. It is not uncommon for residents to borrow a van to move waste and then not be allowed to drop it off. If you use a van, pickup or trailer that is over 6ft in length you are advised to obtain a permit in advance. If you have hired a van you should bring the van hire agreement with you.

Bulky Waste Collection

The council also offer a chargeable collection service for large household items such as beds, sofas and fridges. Contact Havant Borough Council.


More information on Rubbish & Recycling from Havant Borough Council: or contact HBC enquiries on (023) 9247 4174 or email