This week saw the official start of summer and as we head towards the weekend the Met Office has issued warnings of a large storm heading towards the UK.

The bulk of the volatile weather is predicted to hit further up country but warnings for intense rainfall have been issued for Hayling and Hampshire. Squally downpours and a high probability of thunder and lightning are potentially on the cards.

Its worth pointing out that a number of media outlets have been predicting apocalyptic type conditions with hail stones the size of golf balls falling from the sky. It doesnt appear that Hayling will experience this phenomenon but vigilance is still recommended as flash floods could be a hazard in the surrounding area.

The storms track isnt quite firmed up yet as its a particularly tricky path to identify. A shift in any direction could bring about dramatic changes in forecast for each area. 10mm of rain is predicted for Saturday when the worst of the weather is set to hit. This will however be accompanied by temperatures of around 25C.

A Met Office representative said: Its not ideal summer weather. There is potential for some heavy rainfall in places and some localised flooding. The weather will come in to the South East of England and gradually push its way north-west across the country. Its down to a combination of factors high pressure sweeping weather fronts across the UK and an area of low pressure down to the south-west.