There are a great many paths and walkways on this small Island. Take the Hayling Billy trail which starts at the former railway station in West Town, where the Theatre is now, and walk a pleasant path which overlooks Langstone Harbour, past the Oyster beds at the old North Hayling Halt up to the bridge, the walk continues over the bridge where you can take a right turn at the site of the level crossing gates and the old shiplap building which was the gatekeepers cottage, along the cutting, stepping in the marks of the now removed, railways lines into Havant, coming out facing the old town hall.

Discover the narrow lanes which connect North and South Hayling. Some are hard to find, but when found offer an intriguing ramble behind the roads of Hayling. Try the lane which can be found at the end of Poplar Grove (Off Tournerbury lane). this narrow path leads down to the Old Barn theatre. This is worth a look in itself) and just around the corner from there is the creek (As in Creek road).

Of course a trudge along the miles of seafront on the beach is a must for any ozone addict. It will strengthen the calf muscles and give you a view that few people see. If you make it from East to West along the seafront, you will end up past the funfair and near to Staunton Avenue. This tree lined avenue will take you up to the former Hayling Station. Be sure to breathe the air whilst walking this avenue, you may just smell the trappings of success. You are now in the Beverly Hills of Hayling.

Turn right along Station road and you will meet West Lane which is one of the original lanes of Hayling. Walk it and see the farmer’s fields which border each side of the lane. Watch out for traffic. This used to be the only de-restricted speed road on the Island and some local drivers take a long time to read the news.

Off West lane is Daw Lane. A lane with no houses in it. This leads to the main road on to Hayling and opposite the Yew tree pub. A lane runs behind the pub to Northney Road which is a scenic lane which takes you up to the edge of Chichester harbour. Don’t miss it.