Reports from yesterdays elections suggest Nigel Farages UKIP party have made considerable in roads as voters call for change across the UK. Here on Hayling Michael Wilson managed to hang on to Hayling west while John Smith lost out to John Perry for the eastern side of the island.

Councillor Andy Lenaghan reported on his Facebook page that a recount had to be carried out. This confirmed Mr Smith had indeed lost out to UKIPs John Perry by 55 votes.

Councillor Leah Turner posted this a comment to related forum thread: I personally stood for ten hours outside various Polling Stations during the day as did the Conservative Candidates and some of our association. Then I went home for a few hours before going to The Count at 10.30pm home at 3am.

Apart from John Perry for UKIP none of us saw any candidates or supporters for any other party. The police tell me that was the same across the Borough.

Not the landslide for UKIP locally that some were predicting. The Tories lost 2 seats to UKIP and 1 to Labour. On Hayling East the votes were recounted and UKIP won by 55 votes. Only 1 sitting Councillor was defeated the other two were standing in wards for the first time.

As a fervent supporter of democracy I of course accept that the residents have made their choice.

I personally hope that our new UKIP Councillors understand the limitations of being a Borough Councillor. We arent ever going to change the rules on immigration or make the UK leave Europe.