Many keen cyclists live on and visit Hayling each year. With its great off road tracks that circle the island, it is a noted place for enthusiasts to head.

Whether you are the type that loves burning up the miles in preparation for a competition or you just fancy a potter and to soak up the views, the many options available for the biker on Hayling will keep you more than happy.

The popularity of riding a bike on the island has been growing steadily over the years. One of the main draws is that you are never really more than 5 miles away from anything on Hayling. Using pedal power is also a lot more peaceful than queuing in traffic.

Testament to how popular cycling is on the island is the fact that the local ‘Bobby on the Beat’ can now be seen using a bike to get around during the summer months.

For the more adventurous, the South Downs are only half an hour away by bike – so it is more than feasible to base yourself on the island and use it as a gateway to other more testing terrain.

If you fancy a spot of retail therapy but want to take in the views at the same time then you could bike all the way to the western end of the island and take the Hayling Ferry across to Southsea and Portsmouth. By pedalling this route you will be able to take in the stunning vista of the Isle of Wight and the Solent.

If you are into the more trick-orientated side of the sport then you can always take on the challenge of the quarter pipes and obstacles located on the sea front at the skate park.

Many of those into BMX choose this spot as a hang out and there is a significant pool of local talent who ride here. However it must be taken into consideration that the surface is concrete and therefore adequate protection will be needed.

If you like your biking to be stunt-orientated but with mud thrown in, then you could try the Cycle X track. This is just behind the Station Theatre along the Hayling Billy Trail. A series of hits, jumps and double ups that are sculpted out of the dirt are in this area, which provides a facility for those into the more extreme side of the sport.

With a plethora of options for the casual or serious cyclist, Hayling Island is a great destination. Use it as a gateway to other more challenging terrain or make the most of what the island itself has to offer. The choice is yours!

Cycling Key facts

  • There are many cycling tracks dotted around the island of varying difficulty and length
  • The skate park situated in Central Beachlands allows BMX riders to use the facilities
  • A series of dirt jumps is just off the Hayling Billy Trail behind the Station Theatre in West Town
  • Parking charges may be applicable in certain areas
  • The local bike shop can be found near Hayling Island Library