Galloping across the sands of West Beachlands, trotting along the Hayling Coastal Path or cantering down a quiet country lane – whatever place you choose to ride your horse, Hayling has always been welcoming of enthusiasts and their animals.

During the day you will more than likely come across someone out for a trot as horse riding has and always will be a popular pastime on the island.

Many young people use Hayling as a location for horse riding and the UK Pony Club lists the island as being a great place for taking your first steps into the sport.

There are plenty of stables on Hayling and many more riders travel to Hayling to use the location as a gateway to other parts of the south coast – such as the South Downs – or meander along the various pathways, trails and beach front.

Where to Ride

Although many horse owners do ride their horses along the public highways of the Island, there is still many other areas of the Hayling where horse-riding can be enjoyed without the worry of cars and other road users.

Riding on Hayling Beach

Nothing beats a ride along the low tide sea front or out on to the sand bank at low water at West Beachlands. Just be mindful of the tide; the water fills from the inside first so it’s easy to get cut off if you aren’t aware of tide times.

Between Good Friday and September 30th, riding is not allowed between the hours of 10am and 7pm. Before 10am, after 7am or for the rest of the year you can ride to your heart’s content.

Caution : If riding out on the sandbank when the tide terms it is possible to get cut off by the incoming tide. Horses have been known to get in trouble in the past due to this. For the safety of both rider and horse please check a current tide table and be alert of the state of the tide.

The Hayling Coastal Path

The Hayling Coastal Path that runs along the west side of Hayling is a dedicated bridle path as well as a cycle and footpath. It is also known as the Hayling Billy Trail, as it was once the site of the train that carried passengers from the top of the island to West Town.

The pathway splits into two giving a clear indication of where horse riders should be. If you want a scenic ride then here is where you will find it, with views stretching across Langstone Harbour to Portsmouth and up north towards Portsdown Hill and the MOD buildings.

Hayling Island Horse Show

If you are a rider who enjoys a bit of competition then the Hayling Horse Show, which is held at Lower Tye Farm Camp Site, is one for you. Held in September the event features a variety of disciplines including Show Jumping, Working Hunter Showing and Clear Round Jumping to name just a few.


Horse Riding Key Facts

  • No riding on the beach between the hours of 10am and 7pm, Good Friday – September 30th
  • If riding on public highways be wary of traffic
  • Beach car parking charges are in affect through high season months