The skateboarding facilities on Hayling Island are second to none. The skate park is located towards the western end of Central Beachlands – here you will find quarter pipes, a fun box, grind rails and a trick box, all of which you can throw down your best moves on.

The skate park boards a large crew of regular riders that often hang out there – riding, meeting other skaters, having barbecues and generally enjoying their sport.

Many people think that skateboarding is a fad of the younger generation but a scan of any skate magazine or website will prove that any age can indulge in this board sport. Hayling is no different, with a considerable talent pool that spans most generations.

Skateboarding has its roots firmly embedded in Californian surf culture where surfers would ride the asphalt during breaks from the water. With the skate park planted right next to the main watersports area on the island, there is an intrinsic link that comes from a passion of sliding sideways on a board.

Many of Hayling’s windsurf and kite fraternity come from skateboarding, making the logical jump to the water after a period riding the concrete. In fact quite a few of these riders still skate and you will find them riding early or late in the day when all the younger kids have had their fun.

Backing up the island’s claim to skateboarding fame even further is that Herbal Skateboard company are based here and the skate park regularly sees its team riders, such as Marcus Payne, hitting the obstacles. If you head down then you may see the guys filming their next promotional clip.

Yet it doesn’t just have to be the skate park where you need to hang out… If you fancy cruising on a longboard – and many do – then the flat nature of the island lends itself to some mellow carving along the tarmac. Any of the quieter roads are good for this type of thing, just watch out for the traffic! In particular, the beachfront road that runs from the Central Beachlands fun fair to West Beachlands is good for a bit of old school nose riding on the plank. You can also then check out how busy the skate park is at the same time.

There are no steep parts on the island for hill runs, but Hayling is based close to the South Downs where you will find a few downhill sections to cruise if this is your bag. Then you can decamp back to the sea front for a sun down barbecue to round the day off.

Skateboarding Key facts

  • The skate park is located in the Central Beachlands area at the western end
  • There is no charge to use the skateboarding facilities but if you drive then you will still be subject to car park fees
  • Riding is done so at your own risk – the ramps and hits are metal and built on hard concrete
  • The skate park gets busy so pick your time to ride
  • You can skate elsewhere on the island as long as you are not causing a nuisance.