Muscle Beach (California) comes to Hayling! Well not quite, but in an attempt attract fitness fanatics you will find the outdoor gym, or adiZone as it is called, at Eastoke Corner.

The 6000ft fitness zone has been pioneered by sports company Adidas with its main aim of attracting younger people into sport. But it’s not solely for the kids amongst us…

Featuring weights and cardio-vascular equipment, the gym also has a small climbing/bouldering wall and an open space for those who fancy a bit of aerobics, dance or gymnastics.

Getting fit in the open air with a cool sea breeze blowing in your face may be an alien concept for some, but those who are making use of the apparatus are adamant that the £300,000 facility is so much more revitalising and healthier than running endless miles on a machine indoors.

The gym is free and is available to use all year round, plus regular maintenance checks are carried out by Havant Borough council to make sure the equipment is in tiptop shape.

Many residents combine the use of the adiZone with other forms of exercise such as running, so in essence you can use the whole beach front as an open air circuit training course.

And let’s not forget that there is the fitness trail which is also on offer. These wooden structures were installed quite a while before the adiZone and are another way to exercise in the open air. If you want your equipment to be more organic then this kit is for you.

Nothing beats getting outside in the fresh air and with the inclusion of the gym it now means that Hayling Island can truly be your one stop shop for all activities that take your fancy.

The adiZone open air gym was part of a programme that sees 40 similar projects springing up across the nation in preparation for the London 2012 Paralympic and Olympic games.

Chair of the Olympic Committee, Seb Coe, made the comment; “it’s fantastic to see Adidas expanding the adiZone programme to Hayling Island. The adiZones inspire people to become more active”.

As a coastal venue Hayling Island automatically lends itself to water born activities, but the adiZone proves that this does not have to be case. A seaside resort can appeal to everyone, whatever their interests may be.

If you are thinking of making use of the gym then it is worth noting that little ones should be supervised at all times, ensure that you warm up before attempting any physical exercise and if things become uncomfortable then stop immediately. It’s recommended to take advice from your physician before commencing any new exercise programme.

Due to the adiZone being located on the sea front you will be expected to pay for parking, which is usual practice at all Hayling beach front car parks.

Toilets and local shops and pubs are close by for those much-needed refreshment and refuelling stops.

Adizone & fitness trail Key Facts

  • The adiZone open air gym, located at Eastoke Corner, is part of the Adidas initiative to encourage more physical activity to be undertaken
  • Havant Borough Council takes care of all maintenance
  • Use of the facilities is done so at own risk
  • Car park charges are in effect during high season
  • The usual precautionary measures should be taken before, during and after exercising.