Being towed behind a high-powered speed boat is great fun. Sliding across the water, carving tight turns and busting out moves are what these sports are all about. And if the radical side of things is not your thing then just admire the view as you glide across the water.

There are plenty of watersports enthusiasts who seek an H2O fix when their main discipline is not happening .

Surfers need waves and windsurfers need wind. These two groups are some of the people that look to other options to get their fix when normal conditions aren’t happening.

Plenty of people who choose to waterski or wakeboard as their main focus.

Whatever your reasons for wakeboarding and waterskiing, Hayling Island is a good location to practice both.

Waterskiing and it’s more recent sister sport wakeboarding are normally associated with the flat water conditions found on inland water venues; yet Hayling Island offers surprisingly good conditions for those in the know to enjoy these exhilarating sports.

As Hayling is a coastal location, it receives a multitude of mixed weather conditions and water states. Breezy days and choppy seas are common, with totally flat calm days a rarity.

Glassy flat conditions tend to occur off the sea front through the main summer months and early in the morning. Many local skiers and wakeboarders tend to do their riding at this time.

To score good wakeboarding and waterskiing conditions you need to be savvy with the prevailing weather conditions and have an understanding of when it looks good to go for a session.

Even with the difficulties associated with needing perfectly flat water there are still enthusiasts who manage to get out on their skis or boards regularly. In fact, the demand was so great that a dedicated waterski area was designated in the Langstone Harbour area.

An easy launch for your ski boat is located next to the Hayling Ferry at the western end of the island, before a short hop into the harbour brings you to the spot where you can ski or board.

Portsmouth University have a dedicated club and are the most frequent users of the ski area. You would be unlucky to find the place crowded though, as most Uni riding occurs in the week when everyone else is at work.

The challenge to getting a decent session is knowing the weather and tides. Too low water and there won’t be enough room to get your boat in, too windy and it becomes too choppy for comfortable riding.

The ideal thing about Langstone Harbour is that at certain times during the tidal cycle you will get slightly raised mud flats that create channels blocking chop. Within these channels you will find mirror flat water and it is at these times that waterskiing is a joy.

Waterskiing & Wakeboarding Key facts

  • Understand tides and weather forecast and know the tide times
  • The designated waterski area is located in Langstone Harbour which is at the western end of Hayling
  • Be mindful of shipping traffic and local wildlife.