With Halloween just around the corner its good to see Stoke Fruit Farm having a bumper crop of pumpkins this year. With the annual All Hallows Eve celebrations at the end of the month the iconic squash is as in demand as ever.

Grown by the Wilson Family their crop has enjoyed fabulous conditions this year which has seen some whopping beasts appear from the ground. In particular one of the pumpkins weighed in at 11st with a waist line of 6.5ft.

The Wilsons have plenty of pumpkin growing experience with 100 years under their belts. Weather has played its part though with frequent sun and rain over the past few weeks. The Wilsons pumpkins have been gorging themselves until ripe and are now ready for carving.

The Wilson Family pumpkin crop is the biggest theyve ever had and if you want to see for yourself then visit the farm for a Halloween pumpkin treat.