Last week plans for the Hayling Seaside Railways new depot at Eastoke Corner were approved much to the delight of the owners whove been searching for a new location over the past few months. Faced with tough opposition from residents and business owners claiming it will be an eyesore plans still went through.

Fears about further building work along the seafront have now emerged. Not happy after the 15ft high structure was given the go ahead Hayling county councillor Frank Pearce has voiced concerns the shed will set a precedent. He believes theres potentially nothing to stop someone building a block of flats on the same land. David Collins another Hayling councillor also agrees.

Some businesses affected have accepted approval has been granted. The Terracota Pot Shop who are based right next to the site have said they want to work with Hayling Seaside Railway as they never opposed the attraction just the type of structure thats going to be erected.

The planning committee who gave approval have stated the depot will be a one off and wont lead to more buildings along the seafront.