Havant Borough has a serious problem with dog fouling and owners not clearing up after their animals have made a mess. The Hayling Billy Trail is a hot spot and now undercover officers will be patrolling the area seeking to crack down on the issue.

After trying a number of different tactics including educating and informing this decision has been made to try and stop those who continually flout the law. Its thought plain clothes patrols are more likely to catch irresponsible dog owners.

Although the move to clamp toponlinelexapro.com down is welcome some critics suggest it would be better for officers to be in uniform instead of operating covertly. One of the enforcement officers Jayne Lever said this has been tried but hasnt worked.

All officers will be carrying identification the council has assured which they will produce if asked to do so or when issuing a fine. A fixed penalty of 75 will be the result for anyone caught allowing their dog to foul without clearing it up.