In an effort to tackle her fear of flying Jade Farmer from Gosport was taken on a helicopter ride by boyfriend Morgan Sheldon. Little did she know that at 500ft she would gaze down on Haylings shingle beach to see a sign reading: Will you marry me? Shocked but happy Jade said yes as she fought to keep tears at bay.

After the flight Morgan said: I tried to hire the Spinnaker Tower but it was unavailable. I phoned round various helicopter companies and ended up with one in Chichester.

A friend drove to Hayling with a sheet spray painted the night before and in the end all went according to plan. Jade said: I was really scared. When we got in the air it was fine. I did not expect it at all.

I said Oh my God is that for me? Then I saw the ring. I was completely shocked but happy.

Original article from The News