Were all aware of the medias coverage concerning extreme weather. Its also common these reports amount to nothing (or not as bad as predicted). BBQ summers prolonged bouts of rain and harsh winters all fall under the microscope at certain times of the year. Call it slow news days or lazy journalism designed to pad out pages one things for sure we all love to debate the weather.

Over the past few weeks there has been numerous stories concerning the upcoming winter and how it could be one of the coldest longest and harshest weve seen since 1947.

The Express recently published a story suggesting we may be set for 100 days of heavy snow and the worst winter well experience in our lifetimes. Currently high pressure is dominating Haylings weather bringing cold NW to NE winds that roar straight out of the Arctic. Chilly mercury readings are usually enough to keep most people indoors but suggestions seem to be this is a precursor to far worse.

Long range predictions are notorious for being inaccurate although weather forecasting technology has got (and continues to do so) a lot better in the last 60 years. However some forecasters have spotted similar patterns to those of 1947 suggesting we could be in store for similar.

Vantage Weather forecaster Jonathan Powell commented: Early indications are that this winter is looking particularly severe and we could see parallels with the shocking winter of 1947. The models are pointing towards a high pressure blocking system which will hold cold air over the UK and it becomes stagnant meaning any rain turns to snow and temperatures are persistently much lower. There are signs it could hold out until March meaning winter misery on the cards for millions.

James Madden from Exacta weather added: Britain is braced for copious snowfall this winter with extreme cold expected to last into the spring. An exceptionally prolonged period of widespread cold is highly likely to develop throughout this winter and last into next spring. It will be accompanied by snow drifts of several feet and long-lasting snow accumulations on a widespread scale. This period of snow and cold is likely to result in an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced in modern times. A scenario similar to December 2010 is likely to develop but on a more prolonged scale in terms of overall duration.

The Met Office is in agreement that temperatures will sink over the next 30 days although they do add that snow isnt uncommon in November and December.

Local authorities are paying attention to warnings however as nobody wants to be caught out by the weather. Gritters are on standby and more salt has been stockpiled compared to last year. Councils are also planning on sharing resources with neighbouring boroughs to help alleviate the strain if the worst should happen.

For now we can only wait and see how the Hayling (and UK at large) winter pans out. As always well do our best to publish relevant information and keep you updated. And dont forget our daily beach weather updates that we post on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/haylingisland to help keep you in the know.

For those interested in learning more about weather predictions for this winter; youll find plenty of information here http://www.ukweatherforecast.co.uk/winter-forecast-2013/