Dubbed Hercules; yesterdays storm battered large parts of the UK including Hayling. Although wave heights werent as significant as in the south west the island still received its fair share of damage. Eastoke and Sandy Point residents had to endure pounding swells running up the shingle and into beachfront gardens. Water also poured into some roads behind properties.

Meanwhile Beachlands copped a pounding surf attack with a number of wooden beach huts reduced to smithereens. A trip to the seafront this morning saw debris littering the route between the Inn on the Beach and Hayling Golf Club. Large piles of shingle and all manner of marine flotsam has been thrown up onto the beach.

Over the next few hours winds will abate and tides are set to switch back to neaps meaning nowhere near as much surge should be felt. The bad news is theres still more rain waiting in the wings which could bring about further disruption as it falls onto land thats already saturated.

One of the worst hit properties was the Inn on the Beach which ended up flooding during both high tides. Shingle that usually protects the pub has been washed away during strong winds and high seas and on both occasions water poured into the lower levels of the pub.

Creek Road was worst hit at the eastern end of the island although council workers and locals made valiant attempts to sandbag vulnerable properties and prevent damage. Theres a further flood alert in force for Eastoke and Sandy Point later. Its hoped this afternoons high tide wont cause as much disruption though.

You can keep up to date by checking flood warnings here http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/142151.aspx

Pic courtesy Justine Ive